Owner Surrenders

We are NOT accepting owner surrenders at this time.

The owner surrender form has been removed. Please contact your local SPCA to discuss options for your dog and visit this local resource on re-homing your dog.

If you require support for a dog that was previously adopted from our Society, please email info@islanddogsrescue.com. We will ALWAYS stand behind our Island Dogs.


  • I need to Re-Home My Dog, Will the Rescue Help?

    Please note:  while we try to help as many family dogs as possible, dogs in shelters take precedent over owner surrenders.

    Our first priority is to keep dogs with their owners. There are many reasons why dogs are surrendered but sometimes we can help keep families together by providing training options & information. If purchasing pet food is a problem check your local Food Bank, some churches will also help, if vet bills are a problem you may be able to work out a plan with a vet and if your dog is having behavioural issues a local trainer can help.

    Secondly, we always encourage owners to ask themselves if they really need a rescue organization to help them? Rescues ultimately exist to help dogs that have no advocates, those that have been completely abandoned. Luckily for your dog, they still have you and there are some great resources out there that will help you re-home your own dog and leave the rescue spaces for those that really need it. Check out HugABull’s amazing resource on how to re-home your dog.

    If these options are not enough and you still must re-home your dog through a rescue then we can talk. We know this decision is an extremely complicated and emotional one.  We understand and strive to help you through this difficult time.  If you have any further questions, or need additional information please contact us 

  • Will VIDRS take my aggressive dog?

    As we are a small rescue, we have limited placement options for aggressive dogs. We get requests every week to take on high needs dogs and we just simply cannot take them all. Due to insurance reasons and liability is our policy not to take any dogs officially deemed aggressive or similar by a City.

    Before contacting a rescue to see if they will take on your aggressive dog please exhaust all other options. Have you seen a trainer? Is the dog in pain? Are you exercising your dog enough? Is your dog trying to be the boss because you aren’t being an effective leader? Have you researched your dog’s breed? Did it happen once, more, is it localized to a particular situation? There are many reasons a dog can be aggressive. Please do your friend justice and find out how you can help them before looking to re-home them.

    There are many types of aggression and lots of articles to help you if you look.

  • What is the Process to Find the Dog a New Home?

    As you are part of the process some steps involve you directly:

    1. Exhaust all avenues that would allow you to keep your dog.

    2. Read these FAQS including how the adoption process works. Read the  “What to Expect” section under Adoption Application to find out what new adopters have to do to adopt an Island Dog.

    3. Fill out a Surrender Assessment Form (below)

    The rescue will:

    4. Evaluate the Surrender Assessment Form to see if we have an appropriate foster available.

    5. Either: decline due to limited or inappropriate placement options / ask you to foster until adopted if possible / accept the dog for a face-to-face assessment

    6.  We will set up a meeting with you for us to meet the dog and/or have a vet check up. If your dog is accepted into the rescue the next step is for you to fill out the Owner Surrender Form and provide us with Proof of ownership.

    7. Once the necessary paperwork is completed the dog will relocate to their new foster home as soon as possible or stay with you if you have chosen to be the foster (in which case the dog is still the property of VIDRS.)

    8. The dog will then be posted on our Petfinder, website and facebook and be available to receive applications. Your dogs name may be changed (on paper only or in real life) to protect your privacy. When we believe the dog is able to be re-homed and after we have followed the “What to Expect” process with new adopters, only then will your dog be re-homed.

  • Will it Cost Me Anything?

    The goal of our rescue is not to make money but to re-home needy dogs. That being said, our rescue is entirely volunteer run & all monies come from fundraisers,  donations & revenues brought in from adoptions. While some dogs come to us up-to-date on shots, spayed/neutered and totally healthy,  others come to us needing basic vetting (shots, neuter/spay, tattoo/microchip) & sometimes further medical issues to be addressed.

    We do ask that you make a donation (of whatever amount you can spare) to the rescue to help cover the costs of transport, vetting, food & office supplies. Some have chosen to have the dog vetted prior to surrendering which helps us immensely as it cuts down on costs & volunteer time.


  • What Happens if the Dog Doesn't Get Adopted?

    Once a dog is accepted we will care for it until it is adopted — no matter how long that will take!

    We only euthanize if there are severe, untreatable behaviour or health issues, and if it is recommended by our veterinarian or behaviourist to do so. If, during the initial assessment of the dog prior to surrender the animal shows extreme aggression, we will not be able to take it into our program.

  • What Happens if I Change My Mind & Want the Dog Back?

    Once the Owner Surrender Form is completed the dog becomes the property of the rescue. This situation would be determined on a case-by-case basis.  If we decided to return the dog, any and all monies paid out regarding your dog would be repaid to us before we return your dog to you. However, this decision is solely up to the rescue and we will have asked you on your assessment if there is anything that you can do in order for your dog to be able to remain with you as our first priority before surrendering is offering support to you to keep your dog.

  • Can I Visit the Dog?

    Unfortunately, no. Once the dog has left your home, we will keep you updated on the dog’s progress. Being removed from their pack and having to adjust to a new pack, territory and rules, is stressful to a dog. Any visits from you would confuse the dog and delay its ability to settle and bond with its new family. Due to privacy reasons, once adopted it is solely up to the new adopter if they wish to allow any visits.

  • Why Would Someone Surrender Their Own Dog?

    This is a tough question as there are many different answers. We have come across everything from people whose families have grown larger & no longer wish to devote their limited time to their dog, people who love their dog immensely but cannot provide the environment & stimulation that it needs, people who got a new puppy but did not research the breed properly or did not realize the demands of owning a dog & we have even re-homed dogs because their owner has been found to be terminally ill & their wish is to see their dog safe & cared for before they pass.  Each dog has a different story, some are sad, some might make you cringe & some will make you mad but either way, the dog in question needs help & we will do our best with the resources we have to help these dogs.

    VIDRS advocates for responsible dog ownership and we encourage you to visit our Tips & Tidbits page for information on choosing a dog that is right for you & how training YOU will help your dog be the best they can be.