Northern Breeds

Why Northern Breeds?

Just to clarify, we do not only focus on Northern breeds but rescue many other breeds, big or small! While we want to give all dogs in need a second chance, we focus on northern breed dogs, particularly Siberian Huskies.

Our love for Huskies stems from the fact that, as one apt husky lover observed, “huskies are not just a breed of dog, but a way of life.” Their beauty and increased visibility in advertising campaigns led to an explosion of people interested in having a husky. However, a husky’s inherent traits are not for everybody. While they are very intelligent and trainable, they have a mind of their own and often, will not obey a command unless they see a point to it. Training, which most huskies thrive on, takes patience, consistency and an understanding of the husky character. Shelters experienced an increase in huskies who were abandoned and often abused. Just as it takes a certain person to incorporate a husky into their family, we feel it also takes a rescue that understands the breed to be the appropriate organization to place a husky in their new home.

Huskies are very social animals and love their ‘pack’ whether it consists of other dogs and humans.A dog owner who feels that their husky can be left on its own, will find that exclusion from the pack is detrimental to the dog’s well-being. Further, they are clever, mischievous and get bored quickly. If bored, a husky can get into a lot of trouble. They will chew things, dig holes, howl and cry, or find a myriad of ways to create chaos. Many husky lovers have numerous tales about various escapes, backyard craters and caches of shredded household items. Huskies are also very demanding and will demand your focus on them, seemingly, whenever they please.

To decrease their boredom, huskies must have plenty of exercise, training and attention. While not for everyone, if you do not mind the ‘high maintenance’ you will be rewarded with a gentle, cheerful, sociable, loving and easy-going friend.

Huskies are good with children, but also friendly with strangers and are not generally barkers, making them poor watchdogs. One must be mindful of the fact that huskies would go with almost any stranger who seemed to offer a new adventure. In addition to this tendency, huskies are escape artists. They can dig, burrow, climb or chew through almost any kind of enclosure. Life is always more exciting on the other side. And, again, they may not come when called, if they do not see anything in it for them. While they are wonderful with children, most huskies, unless raised from a very young age with a feline companion and even then, continue to carry a high prey drive towards cats. Cats are considered at the least, something to chase and at the worst, prey. Thus, cat lovers must beware if considering a husky as an addition to the family.

If a relatively fur-free house is something important to you, a husky is not for you! Huskies grow two coats a year, an undercoat and guard hairs, and when they blow their coats you must be prepared for daily vacuuming and regular
brushing, not to mention fur all over you too.

If you are excited about the high maintenance of a husky’s personality and habits, then you will be rewarded with more love and pack participation than you can imagine!

We recommend talking to husky owners and researching huskies before deciding if a husky is right for you. While we do not intend to frighten you, it is important that potential husky owners are aware of what they are hoping to adopt. If you have questions please contact us!


First timer? Watch these videos to see how naughty they can be!

Remember, without proper training and regular exercise (mental AND physical,) many inherent husky traits are exacerbated. That said, they are stubborn, smart and can run for much longer than you ever could!

Siberian Huskies 101

Think you are cut out for crate training? This is a MUST with Huskies!

Plan on leaving your husky in a crate? See what some huskies have to say about that…

Think your fence is tall enough?

Still think your fence is tall enough?

Do you like to garden? So do huskies!

Do you or your neighbours like quiet? This is a VERY common trait…

Always wanted a real fur coat? How about a fur everything? Allergic to fur or don’t like brushing? Get a stuffed animal!

Huskies are bred to PULL, try walking one without proper leash training!
(Combine pulling with ‘talking’ and prey drive when you see a squirrel or cat while walking!)

Think your husky will be fine with small prey animals around?

They stalk their prey too! One of their original jobs with the Chukchi people was to bring back small animals…

Think your fridge is safe?

Notice how all these dogs were in a yard, house or on a lead? That’s because Huskies are terrible offleash!
They were born to run baby!