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Please visit West Coast Animal Rescue Society for a great alternative that rescues within Canada.

If you are a past adopter needing to reach us, we are always here for you. Please contact us at info@islanddogsrescue.com


Onto Our Next Adventure

You may have noticed in recent months that we have slowly been taking the social media steps away from Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society and have started to direct our followers over to West Coast Animal Rescue Society. Well, the time has come for VIDRS to officially announce: We Are Retiring.

This does not mean that as individuals we are gone, but that we are simply changing direction and moving into different levels of involvement in animal welfare on Vancouver Island. In the last few years we have had many life changing events within the Board: A baby, a major move, an illness, and many other ups and downs in life and rescue. We all hung in there for each other but slowly we each started to step back from the ground we had hit running at a full sprint. We had accomplished so much together but other aspects of our lives were now lacking. A crossroad has been reached and the time had come for us to make a decision on how we wanted to continue with VIDRS…

West Coast Animal Rescue Society

It was at this time that we learned about a new Society that was in the works on Vancouver Island. This group planned to take on all species of pet animals and to do so with the same base values that we have always upheld for our Society. It seemed only natural that we would reach out to the incredible individuals behind WCARS. While we have wanted to take a step back– we did not want to leave local animal welfare all together. Moving forward you will be able to find some of your VIDRS volunteers working as volunteers for West Coast Animal Rescue Society.

To Our Past Adopters

Have no fear!! We have taken all angles into consideration. We will be keeping our info@islanddogsrescue.com e-mail available, as well as this Facebook page, and you can always reach out to us as individuals. Should any issues arise we will always be available to backup any of the dogs we have adopted out over the years. Once an Island Dog ALWAYS an Island Dog. Many of our adopters have become close friends and we do not want to lose out on any of the relationships we have made through this incredible adventure. When in doubt — there is always our adopters Facebook page to keep us all updated, communicating and informed.

To Our VIDRS Followers

If you wish to stay – We will be keeping this Facebook page open to share adoptable Vancouver Island dogs, animal welfare information, and stories/memories of past Vancouver Island Dogs. In fact, the freedom of disbanding the Society allows us to be a little more vocal and political in areas we have often had to shy away from.

A Final Thought

To Our Beloved Fans, Volunteers, Adopters, Fosters, Veterinarians, Trainers, Partner Stores, Unsung Heroes, Donors, and Each and Every person who has contributed to us having a voice and a chance to do what we are passionate about: THANK YOU!!!!!

Please share any pictures, stories, videos and memories of Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society you may have in the comments of this post.

It has been nearly 6 years and this moment is truly bittersweet for each of us. We leave you with a tribute to our time shared together and with the hope to see you all again as we unleash ourselves onto whatever the next chapter may hold.

With Love – Your Board of Directors of Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society



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Canadian Dogs First


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Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society (VIDRS) provides rescue, rehabilitation, fostering, training, adoption and relocation services to dogs in need and also provides pet ownership education.

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Jack is home! This boy went straight into a foster-to-adopt pre-approved home and recently sealed the deal with his new parents. Although he can be a bit of a handful being a young husky his new family loves him to pieces and has enrolled him in training and continued their research on rowdy huskies!



Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society is pleased to announce that Shya has found her new home!

Thank you Jamie and Chelsea for welcoming her into your hearts and family. May she bring you many years of love and companionship.

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